We Offer the Design/Build Advantage:


The Design/Build approach offers an alternative to the traditional method of DESIGN-BID-BUILD. The DESIGN/BUILD method allows the Architect, Contractor, and Owner to work cooperatively to establish design and budget parameters at the start of the project. Cost control is most readily achieved early in the design process. With DESIGN/BUILD a project cost is established as soon as preliminary drawings are ready. Realistic completion dates are established and change orders are basically eliminated.    
Thomson Architectural Group DESIGN/BUILD projects are defined as a project with “one accountable source”, the Architect, who, through positive interaction with the owner, Contractor, Engineer, and City/County Planning Departments, provides leadership, experience and a focus on solutions, which allows for a much more efficient and productive design and construction process. Maximum cost and time savings are achieved in this way and the project generally exceeds the Owner’s expectations. 


The traditional Design-Bid-Build method is illustrated below.  As you can see the owner must expend considerable resources in time and money before a TRUE construction budget can be established.



With Our Design-Build Method, the construction budget can be established quickly and for little or no cost to the owner. Our Design-Build method also reduces construction time by as much as 20%.